Organize Your Space for a Successful Online Education

Online education is now both affordable and attainable, so why what is standing in the way of your successfully completing that degree or certificate? If it’s fear of failure, there are certain steps you can take before you begin that will make your online classes easier to complete. They key is to organize both your routine and your space to make online learning part of your personal success story.

Organize Your Schedule Set aside a specific time and certain days for your online classes. You will need a certain number of hours for each class, and remember to estimate on the high side in case you run into a problem and need extra help such as tutoring. The key here is consistency; if you decide Monday, Tuesday, and Friday are your school nights then forsake all other activities on those nights. That way you won’t be trying to play catch-up because you didn’t get Friday’s reading done.

Successful Online Education

Organize Your Work Area Just like when you were a kid doing homework, you need a quiet space at home to work on your online degree. While some classes might be great for slipping in an hour or two at a coffee shop, have a quiet area set aside in your home where you can do online coursework as well as studying without interruption.

Organize Your Computer Setup folders and files on your computer, so you know where your online papers and notes are located. Make sure you have access to a printer and scanner and make backup copies on a regular schedule so you don’t lose your work. It’s a good idea to have one or more flash drives handy, so you can carry a backup copy of your work if you need to visit the library or the physical college campus.

Organize Your Paperwork Print copies of all applications such as grants and scholarships, and keep a hard copy of your other important online class paperwork such as your grade transcripts. If you don’t have a file cabinet keep your paperwork in folders placed in a box or bin, where they won’t get shuffled in with other papers. By treating your online college classes as importantly as you would attendance in a brick-and-mortar school, you’ll be setting yourself up for success right from the beginning. Before you know it, you’ll have your college degree!

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